Wideview.io Product Design​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Wideview enables eCommerce brands manage their business, operations and team from one place. Their holistic platform offers seamless integrations and data-driven capabilities.
As the lead UX/UI product designer at Wideview.io, my mission was to create an end-to-end decision-making and management system for eCommerce brands, providing real value to brand executives in managing their operations. The goal was to revolutionize traditional business intelligence (BI) by shifting from static dashboards to a dynamic system that empowered executives with macro-level operations management insights, as well as micro-level task and team management to make sure those goals and targets meets the reality in the daily life of eCommerce brands.

Wideview's website that I designed and developed in Webflow

Homepage Screenshot

The Product (Demo Video)

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