Voca.ai | Full Branding
Identity Creation, Logo Design, Illustrations and Website Design
I was happily invited by the amazing folks at Voca to rebrand their company's identity -
from colors to logo,  the visual look & feel, website design, custom illustrations and other marketing materials.
With the help of Grant we began the process by thinking about the brand story, the core essence and message to better understand what Voca offer and who is the target audience.
​​​​​​​Visit Voca.ai Website (which I designed)
Voca is passionate about helping companies deliver happier customers at scale,
through natural, intelligent and empathetic spoken conversations,
delivered by our extraordinary AI-powered and EQ-enabled Voca Agents.
Voca's dedicated to creating a win-win collaboration between humans and AI,
freeing up human agents to be their creative best, so great customer experience
(CX) and great employee experience (EX) can work hand-in-hand.
Waveform + Empathy Symbol I created for Voca after establishing the final logo:
The Voca Agent Avatar
Custom Illustrations
Website & Digital Presence Design
Visit Voca.ai Website
Voca Agent Conversation with a human customer
Teaser animated video for display

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