👋 Hello and thanks for dropping by!

I'm Matan Kidrony,
Full-stack designer, 2D animator, technology
enthusiast, hummus lover and a proud father.
Not necessarily it that order :)

Feel free to browse through my recent projects
I create and design a wide range of products -
from branding and building a brand from scratch,
to marketing tools, mobile apps, websites and animated videos.
For the past 10+ years I’ve been helping startups, entrepreneurs,
dreamers and doers build, show and tell their unique story.

I guided dozens of companies towards scaling brand awareness,
increasing user / customer experience and growth through design methodologies and collaborative teamwork. I love solving problems
using my creative tools and skills.

I love joining a startup for a journey of quest and conquest, of refining and polishing an idea until a meaningful brand or product is established.

I believe that design thinking, visual strategy and storytelling is the key factor in transforming startups into businesses.

Want to know how we can join forces? 💪
Contact me at  kidronym@gmail.com or send me a message here​​​​​​​
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